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Andrew Pitchford

When it comes to Digital Strategy and Social Media Andrew Pitchford is a popular international conference speaker. His background in broadcast media has seen Andrew as a keynote speaker at conferences in South Africa, United Kingdom, Thailand and in the USA.

Known for his humorous and engaging delivery, Andrew entertains audiences while teaching current trends and solutions. His presentations are known for a high level of preparation and content value.

Developing a solid conference programme takes a great deal of energy to create the right environment. Ensuring that the conference attendees take home practical tools to effect change is what can make a conference the most rewarding. With Andrew Pitchford as your next keynote speaker you know your attendees will be inspired and equipped to effect the change that will grow your organisation.

If your next conference needs an inspirational message tuned in to current social media and communications methods then you should book Andrew Pitchford today.

I have just attended a conference where Andrew presented on social media and emerging technologies. I have to say that I have never been to more informative presentations. Andrew presents in such a way that if you are just a beginner, or have already started dabbling, there is a lot for you to take away.
David GibbonsMedia ProfessionalAustralia | China
Andrew was one of the speakers at the Christian Media Conference in 2011 and ran workshops on social media for business. He was the clearest and most accomplished speaker on this subject I have ever heard. Andrew’s obvious expertise in social media is matched by excellent communication skills.
Jorge RodriguesExecutive DirectorSydney, Australia
Andrew is on the pulse of New Media. He clearly and easily communicates ways in which non-profits can take advantage of this technology in the marketplace.
Kim WilkinsonDigital Radio Manager / Marketing ManagerSydney
Andrew set out to show us just how fast many “social media websites” have sprung up in the last 10 years, and the impact it is having on our daily lives. A speaker like Andrew could be an asset to other Rotary Clubs, as they seek to get on top of this amazing trend in our communications.
Colin MonkPresident
His knowledge base of social media and online connectivity is simply extraordinary and his presentation style is calm, clear and practical.
Sheridan VoyseyWriter | Speaker | BroadcasterOxford, England