Digital Strategy That Grows Business


Mobile SmartphoneIn places like India and the Philippines the TXT messaging communication networks are incredibly popular. They allow a poor man in India the ability to afford a mobile phone to receive an order for a coconut via TXT sending him up a tree then on his delivery bike. Only a year or two ago the goal of many techology philanthropists was to provide every child in the world with a $100 laptop.

Now with the increasing power and dropping prices of the smartphone mobile computing is becoming a phenomenon for the poor in developing worlds and school children in the west.

You are wise to consider investing in the mobile area of digital marketing as many desktop websites are reporting figures of between 20% and 35% of traffic to their websites are coming through mobile phones. If your website presence looks bad on a 4″ screen or a customer can’t find key information with their thumb then its time to act. If you are considering an app for the iPhone and iPad markets or a solution for Android and Windows Mobile we can assist. We can also help with mobile oriented website solutions and explain the difference between a web app and a native app.

Andryl is able to look agnostically at the needs of a business looking to market itself in the mobile space. The technology is moving fast and both the software and hardware platforms are changing in a way that an agile strategy is needed that ties into the rest of your business to save duplication but keep you in front of the pack.