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Andrew Pitchford is the creative and strategic mind behind the newly established Digital Marketing agency ANDRYL. This initiative has come from a dream birthed through more than 10 years of thinking in the digital space and is now lifting off due to the support and feedback of clients and friends who recognise the strategic influence Andrew brings to any planning table.

As a keynote speaker Andrew has been utilised by Business, Non‑profit and Service organisations to capture the imagination of an audience with practical know-how in the arena of New Media and how these tools can be applied across the whole of business.

His appointment in 2010 as General Manager of Brands and New Media for UCB International was seen as an acknowledgement of his understanding and passion to see traditional media organisations transition to web centric channels. During 20 years with the UCB group (United Christian Broadcasters) Andrew was a strong team leader and an on-air radio talent. Beginning with his involvement managing a regional radio station he then took on the Administration and Personnel management for the Rhema Broadcasting Group before transferring to Australia.

For 13 years Andrew was the Chief Operations Officer for the UCB Australia team that birthed the Vision Radio Network which now has a network of over 550 stations. During this time Andrew’s responsibility included the Marketing portfolio supporting the UCB suite of brands and publishing two national magazines with a combined circulation of 115,000. As a non-profit organisation the communication strategy had responsibility for a significant annual fund-raising budget through Direct Mail relationships with over 27,500 contacts.

Passionately drawn to the methods and potential of the internet from 1991, Andrew has consistently been an early adopter. Audiences at his speaking engagements frequently applaud the clear communication on the New Media frontier and his sharing of tools and ideas that can easily be implemented.

Andrew demonstrates how social media and web strategy are a current form of communication to be learned and not a fad to be ridden out. His involvement in social media is part experimentation and part strategy. He wants to see how these channels can carry a ‘message’ into a community to effect ripples of change. Through this unique approach Andrew looks to enthuse leaders in Business, Non-profit and Media organisations with a sense of what New Media now offers the traditional model and how it will define tomorrow’s communicators.





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