Digital Strategy That Grows Business


Andryl Unique Selling PropositionOne of the services we provide is probably the most enjoyable for us in working with our clients. Andryl can act as a facilitator in finding that USP for your business. Its said that understanding your USP is foundational to knowing why you exist as a business. By defining your Unique Selling Proposition you have a focus for creating your business and marketing plans.

As you come to understand why your business is able to provide a different approach to a service, a unique feature on a mundane product range or a different level of backup you boost confidence in you and your clients. We are also hearing the social media marketeers talk about USP as a Unique Single Person. It forms the outward focus on creating a customer profile of who your target audience is.

Once you have a USP your investment in areas like marketing and advertising is more wisely spent as you target your strategy.

Let us work with you to define your USP edge and connect with an ‘A’ class client base.