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Virtual Marketing Team

Virtual Marketing Team

Let ANDRYL show you the value a Virtual Marketing Team can add to your business drive. Marketing is the essential strategic department for any business looking to grow. The picture of some of our leading brands who started as a business born out of recession conditions contrasts heavily with the businesses that faded away as they chose to ‘save money’ by retrenching marketing activity. Because they broke the mould and began to market their business they have marked the territory as leaders and innovators and are respected in their industry and amongst the public.

Many businesses recognise that if they don’t market their company their customer base will definitely suffer decay. For some its just a question of how fast the decay happens or if it can survive an out of the blue event from a change in market conditions. So the value in marketing your business is recognised. Some companies know that as they lose supply or market outlets they need sufficient lead time to have developed new customers coming in to the business. A steady and strategic marketing plan is essential for sustaining and growing your business.

So how can a business whose financial investment is based around supporting its production and services get leverage to market the company’s offerings? This is the advantage of pulling in a Virtual Marketing Team. When a large and successful company has the luxury of hiring key marketing personnel, they are drawing not on all-rounders as much as specialised staff. Teams may be made up of Marketing Managers, Graphic Designers, PR Consultants, Copy-writers, Event co-ordinators and Web or App development teams.

By developing a relationship with ANDRYL as your Virtual Marketing Team we take a hands-on strategic role with you to develop goals and strategy. Out of this relationship we confirm the level of ongoing involvement needed to manage your brand based on our understanding of what staff skills and time investment you have available. We then contract proven specialised staff for each component of a marketing project. Some roles are for key events such as a photo-shoot or product launch event, while others are ongoing support team members handling roles like phone and mail direct-marketing or monitoring your social media communications.

Take a step back from your business. Ask yourself what areas you would like to grow in but haven’t been able to allocate the internal staff or where you have recognised your team’s skill set is in a different area.

Contact ANDRYL and let’s work together on first developing your Marketing Plan followed by a proposal on how we can supply your Virtual Marketing Team.