Digital Strategy That Grows Business

About Us

Social Media Strategy PlanAndryl is a media and communications business that concentrates on delivering a ‘whole of business’ digital marketing strategy. While some agencies deal with aspects of a project Andryl is able to bring together the entire process through comprehensive management and a creatively driven consulting method. We utilise our clients ideas and amplify them through personalised media strategy.

Andryl has been the name for Andrew and Cheryl Pitchford’s business since 1993. The couple began their computer sales and service business in Hamilton to support their volunteer work with the national broadcaster Radio Rhema (now known as the Rhema Broadcasting Group). In the early days the business used Andrew’s expertise in building computers to grow a fledgling operation that supported small business needs. Clients ranged from Accountants to Sign-writers and Andryl provided both hardware and software solutions to customers where up to twenty computers were in operation.

Since those early days Andrew has grown his expertise in Marketing and Online Communications. He has recently completed a 20 year media career with the International UCB Group as General Manager of Brands & New Media. From 1993 to 1998 Andrew personally developed a number of website projects for both New Zealand and International clients. The Radio Rhema website was one of the first media organisation websites in New Zealand and won an American web award in media for innovation and content. During his time with UCB Australia from 1998 to 2010 he consulted on and built a number of web communications projects. His role as Chief Operations Officer meant he took an active role in the project management of each project pulling together the key resources for a successful result.

With a return to New Zealand after 13yrs in Australia, Andrew & Cheryl want to re-establish the Andryl name in providing quality service. The focus of the Andryl business is heavily focussed on digital marketing strategy. With a need for the ‘whole of business’ to coordinate around the marketing and communications channels, web has become the key focus for business to survive and grow.

Customers can now do all of the following online before we hear the foot traffic every business hopes for:

  • FIND us via the web using search engines
  • RESEARCH our credibility through recommendations and online comments
  • COMMUNICATE with us through emaila and social media
  • ORDER from us with ecommerce product systems
  • PAY us by credit card, paypal and other payment gateways
  • REFER us through their own use of social media

Andryl is ready to bring strategy to your dreams so that you, your family and business can benefit from your hard work. Let’s work together on your future.