Digital Strategy That Grows Business


Andryl Lipstick Course

The modern workplace can be a focus point for social media internal and external activity. Badly handled internal communications can ruin staff morale and inhibit productivity. External communications that don’t reflect the DNA of an organisation can affect customer credibility and reflect badly on a brand in the public space affecting sales and profit lines.

This is where Andryl’s LIPstick program comes into play. Many employees play in the social media space with minor consequences in their private lives. Yes, there are relationship challenges and the potential for online bullying but in general social media has a positive affect on our private lives.

In the corporate world our fleeting comments can be amplified  for good or bad and the impact is long lasting. The LIP acronym explains some of the keys benefits and potential pitfalls of digital communications.  The LIPstick program walks staff through how social media works and presents guidelines for employers and employees on how to handle both private and corporate communications.

From a two hour introduction session suited to a general staff audience through to a full day course aimed at managers, marketing and customer service staff, the LIPstick programme can help prepare your team.