Digital Strategy That Grows Business


Andryl InstagramOne of the biggest surprise app sensations of the last few years has been instagram. Who would have thought that polaroid style small square photos would make a comeback at a time when we are moving our TV experience from 4:3 format to large 16:9 cinema style wide screens. Facebook obviously thought the trend would remain when they paid $1billion for the company.

Instagram became more of a sensation for its ability to share life moments than its technical prowess. While artistic users showed off their skills with pop colour or out of focus noire style shots it was regular users taking photos of restaurant meals and holiday locations that really floated its popularity.

Now business is using instagram for a variety of roles. For some its a way to generate user captured content that may include a brand in its image or description. Others are using instagram to launch products and publicise endorsement of their product.

Creative campaigns using instagram as a vehicle could be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.