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Andryl Social Media

While Social Media isn’t the only string to your Marketing bow, it is becoming a key part of how we communicate. From letter writing to email many members of society have moved into Social networks like Facebook to communicate with friends, family and yes, business. Andryl will help you understand where you can listen and participate in Social Media to take advantage of the customer opportunities being whispered just over your head.

As part of working with you we can assess what value there is for your business in actively participating in the Social Media arena. It’s not as simple as putting up a Facebook page and watch the money roll in. That would be like putting up a billboard on the back road to Kawhia advertising high heel shoes from a shop in Petone and wondering why sales didn’t skyrocket. There are systems that work and that means a need for strategy.

For some businesses it’s about sales opportunities from key words and online conversations. Other organisations can benefit from reputation management as the tools we introduce you to can report on positive and negative engagements online. And one of the biggest areas benefiting from Social Media is customer service with organisations finding more efficient ways to manage customer support by refining answers to duplicate enquiry and using their crowd sourced supporter base to let the customers answer their own questions and concerns.

One of the key advantages of Social Media is the ability to listen to the market and find out what is being said about you, your business, its brands and your industry. We can help you build the systems that listen automatically to the online conversation and prepare automatic reports to make your job easier.

Twitter and Facebook are the tip of the Social Media iceberg. Used well and its a source of water for the thirsty in parched lands. Used badly and it becomes a pain in the neck of the Titanic.

Let us help you listen on the conversation to see what you’re missing.