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Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementEstablishing an online presence in the social media space is often the easy first step. Through the process of creating your digital marketing strategy we will have established your brand voice, made sure we are using the correct logo and visual imagery and within a short time frame you can have a twitter account and a Facebook fan page. However leaving at this point with no future plan for engaging in the social media space is a mistake.

Because social media is a ‘conversation’ the idea of setting up an account and not engaging can be likened to coming to a party buying the first drink and then sitting in the corner on your own for the rest of the evening.

At Andryl we like to make sure that you are setup for success and that means providing management tools that you control and training that you understand. Once we establish your Social Media presence we confirm with you the frequency of management and content sources to show you how best to manage this powerful tool. A key part of this involves training your key staff on how to find valuable information from your social media activity so that you can measure the results.