Digital Strategy That Grows Business


Andryl TwitterTwitter is to social media what txt is to email. The immediacy of a 140 character status update has made Twitter a carrier of news, sport and information that rivals many traditional news networks.

In recent times it has been twitter that has carried news like national earthquakes as well as providing a communication framework for uprisings in oppressed countries of the world.

While Twitter is a great carrier of information from a business or individual, its also a great tool that can provide information to your business. Some organisations use it to monitor customer needs, helpdesk response and to keep abreast of market activities.

While twitter doesn’t currently have the level of engagement of Facebook it is still a powerful tool suited to some business uses. Many people who try twitter give up very before they get enough traction to see the key benefits it has to offer. Our advice is to work with a coach to get your twitter followers and your following network up to around 150 of each to start seeing how Twitter works and so that you can evaluate its use to you and your organisation.